Retrieve archived interactions


  • PureCloud User, PureCloud Supervisor, Quality Administrator, or Quality Evaluator role

You can create a policy to move specific types of interactions to long-term storage. For example, you can choose to archive interactions over 90 days old or interactions from a specified queue. For more information about how to create an archive policy, see Create a policy.

After PureCloud archives these interactions, you can retrieve them. 

  1. From the interaction’s detail page, in the This Recording Has Been Archived section, click Restore Recording.
  2. From the drop-down, choose how long you want to keep the restored recording. 
  3. After PureCloud restores the interaction, you can listen to, annotate, and download the recording. 


  • Interactions in long-term storage can take several hours to restore.
  • Your organization can restore up to 100 archived interactions at a time. PureCloud displays how many more recordings you can restore in the This Recording Has Been Archived section. If you do not have any restorations remaining, you can re-archive a restored interaction to gain another restoration. For more information, see Modify a recording’s archive or delete date