Use this calculator to estimate your Genesys Cloud data storage usage and charges.

Note: For more information about fair use pricing, see Genesys Cloud fair use policy.
  1. In the Contact center section, enter the average number of calls, open days, and average call length.
  2. Enter the number of billable agents you have. If you do not have licenses of a specific type, you can leave that field blank.
  3. Enter the percentage of calls you plan to record, and how long you plan to store recordings.
  4. If you plan to screen record any interactions, optionally enter screen recording settings.


  • Any archived recordings are excluded from this calculation. For more information about how to use archival to remain within data storage allocations, see Create a policy, Retrieve archived interactions, and Genesys Cloud fair use policy.
  • Screen recording archival is limited to one year. After that, screen recordings will be deleted. If you want to keep screen recordings archived longer than one year, you should move the recordings to your own long-term storage location.

Contact center info
Calls per day Open days per month Average call length in seconds
# Billable agents
Audio recording settings
% of calls to record Months to keep recordings
Screen recording settings
% of calls with screen recording Months to keep screen recordings