Request to trade a shift with a specific person

  • Workforce Management > Agent Shift Trade Request > Participate permission

If you already agreed to trade a shift with another agent, you can create a trade request that only that agent can see. The receiving agent receives a trade request notification in their inbox.

Note: You must be in Week view to trade shifts.

  1. Click Performance > My Performance.
  2. Click the Schedule tab.
  3. Select the week that contains the shift you want to trade.
  4. Click the Shift Trades icon. 
  5. Click Offer.
  6. On the shift you want to trade, click Offer.
  7. Under Select User, click Select Agent and choose a co-worker to offer your shift.
    Note: To receive direct trade offers, receiving agents must not disable their Allow others to send me trade offers check box. For more information, see Navigate the Shift Trades panel.
  8. Under Willing to accept, select the days you want to work instead.
  9. To specify the start and end times for an acceptable trade, do the following:
    1. Check the Limit time range box.
    2. To adjust the shift start and end times for an acceptable trade, use the up and down arrows under Start Time and End Time.
  10. Click Calendar and set an expiration date and time for the shift trade request.
  11. Click Make Offer. The system sends a trade request notification to the receiving agent’s inbox.