Make calls as you would with a desktop phone. Call someone from inside your organization or a business or person outside your organization.

Note: The following procedures describe how to place standard business calls. For more information about how to place and receive calls as a contact center agent, see Voice interactions for agents overview and Place a call on behalf of a queue. 

Note: A call to or from someone in your organization automatically opens a chat room in the Chat panel.

Call someone in your organization:

  • To start a call from a colleague’s Genesys Cloud profile or card, click Call .
  • To start a call from Directory and Search results, beside the person you want to call, click More . Then, from the list, click the number you want to call.
  • To start a call from a direct message chat room, under the person’s name, click Call .

Call an External Contact, queue, or another Genesys Cloud user with the dialpad:
  1. On the side bar, click Calls .
  2. Click Dialpad .
  3. Use the dialpad to enter a phone number and press Enter.
    Note: Use the full phone number. Genesys Cloud does not support extension-only numbers.
    Alternatively, in the Enter Names and Numbers field, begin to type a name and from the list, select the person or queue that you want to consult with and press Enter.
    • To see all suggestions, click All .
    • To filter by Genesys Cloud users, click Users .
    • To filter by queues, click Queues .
    • To filter by External Contacts, click External Contact .
      Note: The All tab shows the sum of the initial results for the Users, Queues, and External Contacts tabs. To see all matching results, click the User, Queue, and External Contact tabs and scroll until the total showing is the same number as the matching results.
  4. To start the call, click Call . Alternatively, press Enter again.
  5. To end the call, click End Call .

Call from your call history:
  1. On the side bar, click Calls .
  2. Click Call History. The Call History button
  3. To start the call, for the person you want to call back, click Call . Alternatively, to call someone back at a phone number that is not their primary contact number, click More , and then click the number you want to call.
  4. To end the call, click End Call

If a group has a group phone number, you can call the group number and contact a group member. When you call a group, Genesys Cloud alerts 15 random members, one at a time, until someone answers, the call times out, or it has alerted all members. Once you connect with a member, a direct message chat room with that person opens in the Calls panel. The chat room also appears in the chat panel.

To call a group, from the group’s profile, click the group number or click Call . You can also click Call from search results or from the Directory.