If Genesys Cloud agents and supervisors are not content with the score, they can dispute an evaluation, comment on why they are raising the dispute, and send the form to an evaluator who can review and reassess the evaluation, if it is necessary.

  • Agents can dispute completed and released evaluations.
  • Supervisors can dispute completed but unreleased evaluations, but only if they are the assignees of the respective evaluation.

Administrators can configure specific evaluation forms to allow disputes, and define which assignee can revise the disputed evaluation.

Note: After an organization configures and sets up disputes, queries from existing APIs return evaluations in In Review and Retracted states. You may need to update existing custom applications that use these APIs to accommodate this configuration.

For agents: accept or dispute the evaluation

When agents receive an evaluation, they can accept or dispute that evaluation.

To dispute the evaluation, the agent must have the Quality > Evaluation > Dispute permission set.

  • Agents who agree with the evaluation must select the I have reviewed the evaluation check box, then to accept the evaluation without further dispute, click Sign off.
  • Agents who do not agree with the evaluation must click Dispute, and enter their reasoning for the dispute in the Comment field. 
  • Genesys Cloud sets the disputed evaluation into In Review state.
Note: Agents who do not agree with an evaluation can open a dispute within 45 days. After 45 days, agents cannot open a dispute.

For assignees: rescore or decline the disputed evaluation

Genesys Cloud sets the disputed evaluation into In Review state. The evaluator can choose from the following options:

  • Revise the score of an interaction of the evaluation based on the agent’s comments. To revise the score of an interaction, the assignee must have the Quality > Evaluation > Edit or the  Quality > Evaluation > Edit score permission.
  • Click Decline dispute. To decline the dispute, the assignee must have the Quality > Evaluation > Decline permission.


In case of evaluations created on and after February 19, 00:00 GMT, 2024, the input character limit is:

  • 4000 characters for overall evaluation comments and agent comments when an evaluation is revised;
  • 4000 characters for evaluator comments and review comments;
  • 2000 characters for private comments and answer comments.