PureCloud Voice regulations: Finland

The following are the regulations regarding number ranges in Finland:

  • Geographic numbers can be assigned only if the enterprise is physically located within the area associated with the number. These numbers are based on city area codes. For example, a Helsinki area number (+358-9-XXX-XXXX). Not all cities are available; availability depends on our supplier inventory and current availability in the market. The PureCloud Voice Number Inventory, which allows you to purchase DID and toll-free numbers, provides the most current information about the availability of numbers in any geographic area.
  • For geographic numbers, the customer must provide a corresponding address in Finland for number activation.
  • Domestic toll-free numbers in Finland start with prefix (0800). A domestic toll-free number does not require an address for activation. These numbers can only be called within Finland from landlines and mobile phones. Note that there is a regulatory process requirement for obtaining domestic toll-free numbers in Finland. The numbers per order are limited in quantity and can take a few days to weeks for ordering/activation.
  • You can port certain geographic and domestic toll-free numbers. However, the portability of your numbers depends on which carriers PureCloud supports in Finland. Also, carriers require specific documents for number porting. 
  • Customers must provide their Finland VAT number at time of number purchase.
  • PCV does not offer non-geographic numbers or NGN that begin with prefix 85. However, we constantly evaluate customer requirements and may offer these numbers in the future.