PureCloud system requirements

          The system requirements detail the browsers, operating systems, hardware, and other components supported by PureCloud.

          • 64-bit operating system
          • 4 GB RAM minimum (8 GB RAM recommended)
          • Dual-core processor
          • 400 MB hard drive space (required to install the desktop app)
          • For the desktop app, one of the following operating systems:
            • Mac OS — two versions previous to the current release
            • Windows— 7, 8, and 10
          • For the web app: Any desktop operating system that meets the other system requirements and can install a supported web browser, such as Linux and Chrome OS.

          Additional requirements

          • JavaScript must be enabled
          • Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768

          • Genesys recommends against multiple simultaneous logins to the same PureCloud account. For example, the same account logged in to multiple tabs or browsers, the same account logged in to the desktop app and in a browser, or the same account logged in to different computers at the same time. For more information, see the FAQ Why do multiple concurrent PureCloud logins cause problems?
          • Genesys recommends that PCs exceed the minimum system requirements when WebRTC voice, video, or third-party, resource-intensive software is used. For example, third-party applications can be more resource-intensive than PureCloud. Since the type and number of additional applications in any machine is different, Genesys cannot provide specific guidance. The best approach is experimentation with the desired agent configuration to ensure that the machine has enough CPU, memory, and networking to support all applications comfortably.
          • Some antivirus software runs real-time inspection on HTTPS and audio packets, and may lower the audio quality of WebRTC.
          • For PureCloud embedded clients, the minimum system requirements are based on the host or browser running the client, and vary based on the implementation. For more information, see Browser requirements for the PureCloud embedded clients.

          PureCloud telephony

          For best results, Genesys recommends that customers using VDI have a telephony configuration with physical phones. Customers may choose to use WebRTC or PureCloud softphone, however, successful use of PureCloud’s WebRTC and PureCloud Softphone technologies in a VDI environment requires tuning and additional testing at scale by your VDI provider.

          Desktop Physical phone WebRTC phone PureCloud softphone
          Virtual Desktop Yes Customer responsibility Customer responsibility
          Physical Desktop Yes Yes Yes
          Note: Genesys recommends physical phones because they function independently and outside the VDI environment. WebRTC and PureCloud Softphone technologies work within the VDI environment and as such they are more dependent on the VDI environment’s configuration. Therefore, successful use of PureCloud’s WebRTC and PureCloud Softphone technologies in a VDI environment requires tuning and additional testing at scale by your VDI provider.

          PureCloud screen recording

          PureCloud’s screen recording technology can work in a VDI environment with the proper VDI configuration. Therefore, successful use of screen recording requires tuning and additional testing at scale by your VDI provider.

          Supported web browsers

          Full support

          Chrome — Requires current release or one version previous.

          Firefox — Requires current release, one version previous, current ESR release, or transitional ESR release

          • Genesys supports the transitional ESR release only during the time period in which the new ESR release is tested and certified. For more information, see Firefox ESR release cycle.
          • Firefox scripts may not load unless AdBlocker or AdBlockPlus are disabled.
          Note: Firefox and Chrome update themselves automatically. Versions of Firefox and Chrome are only an issue if the customer’s IT department restricts automatic updates.

          Limited support

          Safari — Requires current release.

          • Video chat not supported
          • Screen sharing not supported

            Microsoft Edge — Requires current release.

            • PureCloud WebRTC web-based phone not supported
            • Voicemail playback requires WebM plugin
            • View faxes not supported

            Browser verification

            Verify your browser

            Desktop app Version support
            Mac Genesys supports the latest Mac desktop app version
            Windows Genesys supports the latest Windows desktop app version

            Video chat is supported in the desktop and browser apps but has additional requirements and specifications. 

            Supported browsers

            • Chrome
            • Firefox

            Network bandwidth

            We recommend the following bandwidth for each quality setting:

            • High Definition (HD): 1mbps – 2mbps per connected user in the video chat
            • Medium Definition: 500kbps – 1mbps per connected user in the video chat
            • Low Definition: 100kbps – 500kbps per connected user in the video chat
            • Voice Only: 32kbps – 150kbps per connected user in the chat

            Video chat specifications

            • Five maximum participants
            • Browser app: a camera that is a recognized video device by your browser

            Screen sharing specifications

            Screen sharing is available for Chrome, Firefox, and the desktop app.

            • Desktop app only shares the default monitor. The ability to select a specific screen or window to share is not available at this time.
            • Chrome  allows you to share a screen, a specific window, or your entire desktop. To support screen sharing, Chrome requires the PureCloud Screen Sharing Helper add-on. 
            • Firefox allows you to choose the window you want to share, but it does not have an option for sharing the entire screen at this time. Screen sharing support for Firefox versions earlier than 39 requires the PureCloud Screen Sharing Helper add-on.

            The recommended minimum screen resolution for workforce management user interfaces is 1366 x 768. Even though workforce management administrator user interfaces (forecast editor, schedule editor, intraday monitoring, etc.) can function at 1024 x 768, they are optimized for 1366 x 768.

            PureCloud Collaborate

            Supported devices Operating system requirements
            iPhone and iPad One version previous to the current iOS
            Android device Up to four years previous to the current Android OS version

            PureCloud Supervisor

            Supported devices Operating system requirements
            iPad One version previous to the current iOS

            For download information, see Mobile apps.

            Voice transcription: Feature coming soon

            The PureCloud user interface is available in these languages:

            • Chinese (Simplified)
            • Chinese (Traditional)
            • Danish
            • Dutch
            • English

            • Finnish
            • French
            • German
            • Italian
            • Japanese

            • Korean
            • Norwegian
            • Polish
            • Portuguese

            • Spanish
            • Swedish
            • Thai (beta)
            • Turkish

            The table below lists PureCloud's current language support for:

            • Speech recognition (ASR)
            • Text-to-speech (TTS)
            • IVR system prompts
            • Estimated wait time (EWT), position in queue (PIQ), and caller collect input verification
            • Telephony user interface (TUI)
            • Voice transcription

            For a list of supported call analysis languages for outbound campaigns, see Supported call analysis regions.

            Note: PureCloud uses a single female voice for each language. PureCloud does not currently support multiple genders or multiple voice characters for TTS.

            Language Region Language tag IVR system prompts EWT, PIQ, and caller collect input verification TUI Speech recognition Text-to-speech Voice transcription
            Chinese Simplified - People's Republic of China  zh-CN  
            Traditional - Hong Kong S.A.R. zh-HK    
            Danish Denmark da-DK
            Dutch Netherlands  nl-NL  
            English Australia  en-AU  
            Great Britain  en-GB  
            United States  en-US
            Finnish Finland fi-FI
            French France
            Canada  fr-CA  
            German Germany  de-DE  




            Japan ja-JP  
            Norwegian Norway nb-NO
            Portuguese Brazil  pt-BR  
            Spanish Spain
            (Beta: TUI, speech recognition, and text-to-speech)
            United States and Latin America es-US ✓ 
            Swedish Sweden  sv-SE
            Thai* Thailand  th-TH

            • Due to language model size, when Japanese is enabled PureCloud currently allows English as the only other language in the org. To request Japanese language support for your organization, please contact PureCloud Customer Care.
            • Support for Thai is limited and under active translation, but will be generally available in a future release.
            • For information about enabling beta languages, contact Customer Care.

            Keep in mind the following:

            • ASR and TTS are provided by proprietary technology. PureCloud does not currently support third party vendors. 
            • PureCloud's IVR system audio files are contained in a library of provided prompts that can be used "out of the box" or updated by the flow author. These prompts cover standard sets of data, including dates, monetary, numbers, ordinals, and some phrases used by features for error handling (speech recognition errors). 
            • Analytics and keyword spotting are not currently available in PureCloud.

            Sublocale support

            PureCloud supports specific dialects with ASR and TTS for spoken words. However for written words, all varieties of a given language, such as US and British English, use the same UI localization. Currently, the default standard is the US format (for example, DD/MM/YYYY and 12-hour clock), but future releases will include support for various date-time formats and "start of week" settings applicable to various subregions.

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