PureCloud ACD processing

PureCloud ACD matches interactions (calls, chats, emails, messages, callbacks, and social media expressions) with available agents under two scenarios. The first scenario occurs when an interaction arrives and there are multiple agents available to answer the interaction. In this scenario, the goal is to choose the most appropriate agent for that interaction. PureCloud processes the interaction, choosing the most appropriate agent based on skills, language, and the amount of time since an agent became available.

Note: If the system encounters a collision between a transfer to an agent and a transfer to the queue’s voicemail, the queue voicemail transfer overrides the transfer to agent.

The second scenario occurs when there are multiple interactions waiting and an agent becomes available. The goal for this scenario is to choose the most appropriate interaction for the available agent to pick up. Again, PureCloud chooses the appropriate interaction based on an agent’s skills, language, and the amount of wait time for the interaction. 

The following two scenarios describe how PureCloud ACD matches agents to interactions.

This scenario describes the ACD processing that occurs when an interaction arrives and there are multiple agents available. 


  1. An interaction arrives. PureCloud ACD assigns any language and skill requirements to the interaction.
  2. PureCloud ACD generates a list of available agents. In most PureCloud ACD configurations, every available on queue agent becomes part of the list of agents who can answer the interaction.
  3. PureCloud ACD filters the agent list, removing any agents who are not proficient in the requested language. If PureCloud assigns minimum requirements in step 1, it filters the list of available agents by removing any agents without minimum skills to handle the interaction. For example, if the interaction requires an agent with a Mac OS skill, then PureCloud removes the available agents without that skill. The only agents remaining on the list are those agents qualified to answer the interaction. If there are no qualified agents remaining on the list, the interaction waits until an agent becomes available.
  4. PureCloud ACD calculates a score for each agent in the list using the agent score formula. The agent score formula considers the amount of time since the agent last handled an interaction.
    • To calculate agent scores, obtain the 100 active agents with the longest time since they last handled an interaction (and meet any skill or language requirements). Then, sort those agents by their average skills relevant to that call. The agent with the highest average gets the call. 
    • When determining which agent to route the next interaction, PureCloud only looks back 7 days. If an agent has not been on queue in more than 7 days, PureCloud does not take into account that agent’s last handled time. For example, an agent who has not taken a call in 5 days will receive the interaction before an agent who hasn’t taken a call in 10 days.
  5. PureCloud ACD selects the most appropriate agent. The agent with the highest score receives the interaction.

Scenario 2 describes the ACD processing that occurs when an agent becomes available and there are multiple interactions waiting. 

Note: When there are multiple interactions waiting, PureCloud ACD distributes them based on score. The calculation is: Interaction Score = {Time Waiting (in minutes)} + {Priority}. For example, a call waiting for 4 minutes with a 20 priority has a score of 24. That call routes before a call waiting 6 minutes with a 10 priority.


  1. An agent becomes available by going on queue, either by finishing a previous interaction or setting their status to On Queue. The agent is ready to answer another interaction.
  2. PureCloud ACD generates a list of all the waiting interactions to match with agents. Each interaction can have language and minimum skill requirements to consider.
  3. PureCloud ACD filters the list for minimum requirements. If an interaction requires skills or languages that the available agent does not have, PureCloud removes that interaction from the agent’s answerable interactions list.
  4. PureCloud ACD calculates a score for each interaction, and takes into account the interaction’s time in queue and any priority status associated with the interaction.
  5. PureCloud ACD selects the interaction with the highest score and assigns it to the available agent.

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