Agent utilization indicates the maximum number of concurrent interactions that Genesys Cloud ACD can assign to an agent. Interactions include voice (calls), chats, emails, messages, and callbacks. By default, an agent can handle at one time:

  • One call
  • Up to four chats
  • One email
  • One message
  • One callback
Note: Agent utilization is configurable at the organization and at the agent level. For more information, see Configure utilization at the org level and Configure utilization at the agent level.

An administrator can specify the maximum number of interactions that agents handle simultaneously for each interaction type. Administrators can also designate the interaction types that can interrupt, or alert, agents who handle other interaction types. For example, if an agent is working on an email, then Genesys Cloud can alert the agent to answer an incoming call. To ensure agents who are actively handling customer calls do not receive alerts for chats or other interaction types, do not allow interruptions to voice interactions. By default, Genesys Cloud allows interruptions to email. The system does not include non-ACD calls in the overall ACD utilization count because they are considered internal, not ACD calls.

Genesys Cloud treats preview calls as callbacks for utilization purposes. For example, to eliminate disruption to agents who are working on outbound preview calls, limit the number of callbacks agents handle at the same time and the media types that interrupt callback interactions.

Note: Because calls and callbacks are considered call interactions, we recommend that you do not allow these media types to interrupt each other. This configuration can cause longer than anticipated wait times for customers who choose a callback. By default, the system does not allow calls and callbacks to override each other.

Block calls when on a non-ACD call (excludes transfers)

To prevent agents from being alerted for any incoming ACD interactions when they are currently involved in a non-ACD interaction, do the following:

  1. In Genesys Cloud’s Admin menu, under Contact Center > Utilization.
  2. In the Organization tab > Include Non-ACD column, check Count non-ACD calls in utilization capacity check box. 
  3. Set the voice interaction capacity to 1. 
    Note: If the voice interaction capacity is set to two, the ACD voice interaction is still routed to the agent.
Note: This option only applies when the agent is working on a non-ACD voice interaction. If an agent is on queue but working on a non-ACD chat, for example, the agent can still receive ACD interactions.

Consider the following scenarios for Agent A, who is on-queue:

Agent behavior Incoming call  Result
Agent A is on a personal call. An ACD call arrives in the queue.
  • If the Count non-ACD calls in utilization capacity box is checked, the system does not alert Agent A of the new ACD call, even though the agent is currently on a personal, or non-ACD, call.
  • If the Count non-ACD calls in utilization capacity box is not checked, the system alerts Agent A of the call.
Agent A is on an ACD call. A personal, non-ACD call for Agent A routes to Agent A’s line.
  • Whether the Count non-ACD calls in utilization capacity box is checked or not, the system alerts Agent A of the call.