Port numbers in bulk


  • PureCloud Voice Admin role

When you are porting toll-free numbers into PureCloud Voice, you have to option to port the number in bulk rather than entering individual numbers. To port multiple toll-free numbers into PureCloud Voice, follow this procedure to download and fill in the template.PCV_Port_Bulk_Large

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under PureCloud Voice, click Number Management.
  3. From the Port Numbers list, select Toll-Free.
  4. Click Download Template.
  5. Open the .csv file in a spreadsheet application.
  6. Enter your numbers and restriction codes as described in the template.
    Do not include spaces, dashes, or parentheses. For example: 8885551212.
  7. Save the .csv file, and then drag and drop the file onto the panel. Or, click anywhere in the panel to browse for and open the file. 
  8. Complete the form as described in Port in toll-free numbers.