• Genesys Cloud Voice Admin role

When you are porting toll-free numbers into Genesys Cloud Voice, you have to option to port the number in bulk rather than entering individual numbers. To port multiple toll-free numbers into Genesys Cloud Voice, follow this procedure to download and fill in the template.

Note: Genesys does not submit toll-free port requests to the losing carrier until two weeks before the requested port date. This timeline is an industry standard designed to prevent the premature disconnecton by the losing carrier. You may submit a request to Genesys up to 30 days prior to the requested port date, but we will not be able to confirm the port until it is submitted and approved by the losing carrier.


There is no fee for the number porting operation. However, once the numbers are ported into Genesys Cloud Voice, you will incur any non-recurring charge (NRC), Monthly recurring charge (MRC), and usage fee associated with having your numbers in Genesys Cloud Voice. For more information, see Genesys Cloud Voice pricing.

SMS services

The Genesys Cloud Voice number porting process is specifically designed for voice service numbers. Any SMS services present on ported numbers will not be automatically transferred along with voice service. In fact, the SMS services will likely be disrupted by the port process.

If you would like to transfer your SMS service to Genesys Cloud along with your voice service, you need to take additional steps after you initiate the porting process. To begin, when you respond to your port submission confirmation email, please use Reply All and add a note to your message informing the team that you would like to port your SMS service along with the voice service. Our team will then begin the SMS service porting process.

If you would like your SMS service to remain with your current carrier, you will need to contact them after the voice port is complete and request that they reconnect the SMS service to the number.

Download the template

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Genesys Cloud Voice, click Number Management.
  3. On the Genesys Cloud Voice Number Management page, click the Port Numbers button and select Toll-Free.
  4. In the Port Toll Free Numbers in Bulk section, click Download Template to access the .csv file template.

Add numbers to the template

Using a text editor, enter your numbers using the e.164 format and the restriction codes exactly as described in the template.

Warning: Do not use a spreadsheet application to add your numbers to the .csv template. Doing so will strip out the leading + on all your e.164 formatted numbers.

Upload your .csv file

  1. In the Port Toll Free Numbers in Bulk section, click Browse, locate the .csv file, and click Open. The .csv file uploads in the background.
  2. You must select or create a location containing the address that will be provided to emergency services in the event an emergency services call is made.
    • To use an existing location, select it from the Location list.
    • To create a new location, click Create a location in the instructions.

When you click Create a location, you are prompted to fill in the Add Location form.

  • In the Name box, type the location name that you want to appear on user profiles.
  • To select a photo for the location, click Choose File. Then select an image file that represents the location on user profiles. You can use any .jpeg, .png, or .gif file. The maximum file size is 10 MB.
  • In the Site Contact box, search for a member of your organization and select their name when it appears in the list.
  • In the Address box, type the location’s street address.
  • Continue specifying the location address by filling in the City, State/Province/Region, and Zip/Postal Code boxes.
  • In the Country list, select your country.
  • In the Notes box, type any additional information about this location.
  • Click Save.
  1. In the Activation Date and Time box, specify when the ported numbers become active.  
    Note : You can use a 15-minute window for the activation time. For example, you can specify 1:00 pm or 1:15 pm or 1:30 pm or 1:45 pm.
  2. In the Email box, type the email address Genesys can use to contact you for questions.  
  3. In the Contact Phone Number box, type a phone number that Genesys can use to contact you for questions. Do not include spaces, dashes, or parentheses between the digits. Click the flag icon and select the country in which the contact phone number exists.
  4. In the Letter of Authorization Localization panel:
    • Select a Country.
    • If a Letter of Authorization is available in multiple languages for your country, select the language from the Language list.
  5. In the Authorized Contact Name box, type your name or the name of the person who is responsible for the request. 
  6. In the Company Name box, type your company name exactly as it appears on the bill from your current toll-free service provider.
  7. In the Billing Address boxes, type the billing address exactly as it appears on the bill from your current toll-free service provider.
  8. Click Confirm.
  9. On the Terms and Conditions page, read through and accept the terms and conditions.
Note: For questions or to follow-up on your submission, contact Genesys Cloud Voice support.