• Genesys Cloud Voice Admin role

When you complete the port procedure for either toll-free or DID numbers, the appropriate Number Port/Transfer Terms and Conditions page appears. While this page is hosted in DocuSign, you access it from Genesys Cloud. You do not need to have a DocuSign account to complete the agreement.

  1. If the I agree to use Electronic Records and Signature Disclosure check box appears, then select it.
  2. Click Continue to reveal the document.
  3. Read through the Toll-Free or DID Number Port/Transfer Terms and Conditions document. Click Start and Next as required.
  4. When you reach the Electronic Signature line at the bottom of the document, click Sign.
    Note: An individual must sign the document. Do not sign with your company’s name. To determine who is authorized to approve changes to your account, check with your carrier or service provider.
  5. You could see a separate dialog box that prompts you to Adopt your signature by typing your Full Name and Initials. Optionally, you can change the font DocuSign uses for the electronic representation of your signature and initials by clicking Change Style
  6. Click Adopt and Sign to save your signature information along with the document. Close the dialog box.
  7. To complete the procedure, click Finish
  8. When the Genesys Cloud Voice Number Management page appears, you can locate your newly ported numbers and check the Status field to determine the status of the port operation.