Pick up an interaction

Note: This article applies to Genesys Cloud Embeddable Framework, Genesys Cloud for Chrome, Genesys Cloud for Firefox, Genesys Cloud for Salesforce, and Genesys Cloud for Zendesk.

The client can receive call interactions (as direct calls, ACD calls, and conference calls), chat interactions (as ACD chats), email interactions (as ACD emails), message interactions (as ACD messages), and voicemail interactions (as ACD voicemails). 

When you receive an interaction, the client rings. Also, both the Pickup icon in the call controls and the alert bar across the bottom of the client window becomes active.

Note: Even if multiple interactions route simultaneously, only one interaction alerts at a time. A subsequent interaction will not alert until you pick up the alerting interaction.

To receive ACD interactions, set your status to On Queue.

Tip: If you use Genesys Cloud alongside the client, change your settings so that alerting interactions do not ring in both applications. For more information, see Ringing issues for alerting interactions.

You can pick up or handle an incoming interaction several ways.

  • For call interactions, if you use a physical phone and are not connected to another call, pick up your telephone handset.
  • Click Pickup in the call controls. 
  • Click Pickup on the incoming alert bar. 

    If you dismiss the alert bar, you can still pick up the interaction using the call controls.

  • Double-click the interaction. 
  • To decline the interaction without answering, click Disconnect.

    Declined interactions reenter the queue.

If you miss an ACD interaction, then the client prompts you to go back to the On Queue status or return to the Available (non-ACD) status by going Off Queue. 

Not Responding window

For more information, see Call controls

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