Agent utilization determines the maximum number of interactions of different media types that an agent can handle at one time. Utilization labels help define the category of an interaction. With utilization labels, you can define the rules for interactions that belong to a specific category. Use Architect flows to assign labels to interactions. For more information about creating utilization labels, see Create utilization labels.

Note: Estimated wait time calculations now include utilization label data. For more information, see Overview of Improved Estimated Wait Time in the Genesys Cloud Developer Center.

For example, using labels, you can define:

  • The complexity of an interaction
  • The priority of an interaction
  • Interruptibility preference to prioritize another incoming interaction

You can create up to 100 labels per organization. You can assign one label per interaction. 

How labels work:

  • When an interaction arrives and routes to an agent, Genesys Cloud first checks the agent’s media-level utilization and then checks label-level utilization. For example, assume that a new email interaction of utilization label Blue arrives and Genesys Cloud identifies agent Dan. Dan’s media-level utilization is three emails and label-level utilization for label Blue is two interactions:
    • Scenario 1: Dan is already handling three emails. Genesys Cloud does not check label-level utilization settings and no longer attempts to route the interaction Dan.
    • Scenario 2: Dan is handling only two emails. Genesys Cloud then checks the number of interactions of type Blue that Dan is handling. They are handling only one interaction of the label type blue. Genesys Cloud routes the interaction to Dan. 
    • Scenario 3: Dan is handling only two emails. Genesys Cloud then checks the number of interactions of type Blue that Dan is handling. They are handling two interactions of the label type Blue. Genesys Cloud no longer tries to route the interaction to Dan. 
  • An inbound interaction can interrupt an ongoing interaction only when the interruptibility setting of both the media- and label-level setting of the ongoing interaction allows for it. Even if one interruptibility setting does not allow for the interruption, the interaction routes to a different agent.
  • When you do not specify a custom utilization label to any inbound or outbound interactions, Genesys Cloud tags the system default label to such interactions. By default, interactions with the system default label are not interrupted by any other inbound interaction. To allow for an interruption, configure the interruptibility setting as needed.
  • When you delete a label, Genesys Cloud tags the system default label to those interactions that used the deleted label. 
  • Find and attach the labels in Architect flows when a new interaction arrives. For more information, see Find Utilization Label action and Set Utilization Label action.
  • Remove the labels in Architect flows. For more information, see Clear Utilization Label action.

For more information, see utilization labels APIs.