All services in the Genesys Cloud family work within the framework provided by the Genesys Cloud Platform, which runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). While the Platform isn’t visible to the eye, it powers everything that Genesys Cloud does.

See below for descriptions of each major component.

Genesys Cloud architecture diagram

Platform Component Description
Public Interface Services

All information that goes to or from Genesys Cloud passes through a gateway of Public Interface Services. This includes phone calls, chats, documents, profile data, integration data, and admin configurations. 

A portion of the Public Interface Services belongs to the Public API, which are available to the public for creating applications that automate, embed, or extend Genesys Cloud functionality. For more, see the Genesys Cloud Developer Center.

Core Services Core Services power the building blocks of every Genesys Cloud organization. They manage account configuration, directory search, user membership, phone call routing, agent assignment, and more. 
Communication Services Contact between individuals and groups are handled by the Communication Services. These are responsible for managing phone calls, chats, voicemail, and faxing.
Application Services The Application Services provide the back-end portion of complex Genesys Cloud features like Architect, Outbound dialing, Scripting, and Workforce Management.
Analytics and Reporting Services Events within a contact center are recorded, labeled, stored, analyzed, and compiled into reports by the Analytics and Reporting Services. These services provide the data for metrics and forecasts used by Real-time Supervisor and Quality Management, for example.
Component and Utility Services Component and Utility Services provide support to all other Platform components. These services manage roles and permissions, authorization, service caching, operational metrics, and more.

See Security and compliance

The Genesys Cloud Platform also benefits from Amazon Web Services security.