Genesys Cloud allows you to apply utilization labels to interactions to control more finely how many interactions Genesys Cloud ACD can assign to an agent. For more information, see Overview of utilization labels. In a task sequence, you can add a utilization label variable to an Update Data action and then call it from a Find Utilization Data action or Set Utilization Data action. The utilization label data type can be a useful tool in helping flow authors dynamically configure agent utilization labels.

Add a UtilizationLabel variable to a task sequence

You can add a utilization label to an Update Data action to obtain a utilization label in a task.

  1. From the Toolbox, expand the Data category and drag an Update Data action to the desired location in the task editor.
  2. In the Update Data workspace, add a meaningful name to describe the item.
  3. Click Add update statement and select UtilizationLabel.
  4. In the Variable Name field, type the label to identify the variable on tasks.
  5. In the Value To Assign field, perform one of the following steps:
    1. Select the utilization label.
    2. Click and perform one of these steps:
      • To enter expression mode, and add the expression inline, click the switch mode button.
      • To open the Edit Expression Editor and build your expression, click the Large Expression Editor button.
  6. (Optional) To add another variable, click the Add update statement button.