The following permissions:

  • Architect > Flow > Add
  • Architect > Flow > Edit
  • Architect > FlowView
  • Routing > Wrapup Code > View 
  • Outbound > Contact List > View 

An outbound flow processes calls that an agent makes on behalf of a call center or client. For example, agents may make outbound calls for telemarketing, sales and fundraising, contact list updates, surveys, or verification services. Based on your role, you can create, view, edit, and manage outbound flows. Architect authors design the logic of how to handle an outbound call, including contact lists and wrap-up codes, but do not specify which outbound flow Genesys Cloud processes for an outbound campaign.

Outbound flow design includes most features available in inbound flow design, with these exceptions:

  • Outbound flows require a contact list and a default wrap-up code.
  • Although not configurable, outbound flows include the variable and properties derived from the default contact list.
  • Some Toolbox actions are not compatible with and therefore not visible on the Outbound Flow page.
Note: Handle the process of determining which outbound flow Architect runs for a particular outgoing campaign in Genesys Cloud Outbound Dialing > Call Analysis Responses.

To create, configure, and publish Architect outbound flows, an outbound admin must have at least one configured contact list and one configured wrap-up code in place. When you add an outbound flow, you must select a default contact list and wrap-up code. However, you can configure or modify these defaults within the outbound flow configuration in the following ways:

  • Opening an outbound flow and in the Settings area, select Outbound Settings and change the defaults
  • Adding a Set Wrapup Code action to a task in the outbound flow and select the desired wrap-up code