Navigate the Shift Trades panel

  • Workforce Management > Agent Shift Trade Request > Participate permission

When you open your schedule, you can access the Shift Trades panel. In this view, you work with shift trades, specify whether to allow other agents to send shift trade offers to you, and view the following information:

  • Posted Trades For Week. This list includes shift trades that other agents created in the current week and that you match.
  • My Trades. This list includes all of your shift trades that are either unmatched or pending administrator review for any week.
  • Completed Trades. This list shows all of your canceled, denied, approved, and expired shift trades from the last two weeks.
Note: You must be in Week view to access this panel.

Access the Shift Trades panel

To open the Shift Trades panel, perform the following steps: 

  1. Click Performance > My Performance.
  2. Click the Schedule tab.
  3. Select the week that contains the shift you want to trade.
  4. Click the Shift Trades icon.
  5. To allow other agents to send trade offers to you, follow these steps:
    1. Click Settings .
    2. Enable the Allow others to send me trade offers check box. By default, this option is enabled.
    3. Click Save.