Manage access to individuals based on division membership

  • Directory > User > View permission assigned to any user role

You can use permissions to exert granular control over which individuals or queues that a user can access. You can control the ability to transfer, conference call, or make a call on behalf of a user or queue based on division membership.

Ensure you have permission to manage agents in different divisions

Before you begin to add members to queues, you must have access to view the divisions in which those members belong. You can only search within the divisions that you have permission to view. After obtaining appropriate access, you can manage members in queues by division, including add, view, search for, update, or delete agents. This access also applies to ACD skills and languages.

This constraint ensures that data is properly separated by divisions, interactions route to appropriate agents in or across business units, and information is accurately segmented and reported.

Limit agent transfers to within their division

You can also use permissions to determine whether a user can transfer, conference call, or make a call on behalf of a user or queue outside their division. For example, you can prevent an agent or supervisor in the Retail division from making a call, transferring an interaction, or creating a conference call to individuals in the Service division. 

To limit a user’s ability to search for and transfer only within the divisions in which they belong, grant the Conversation > Communication > Target permission to their user role.