Download the PureCloud Softphone

The PureCloud Softphone is for users who wish to use a computer or laptop with a USB headset to make calls. The PureCloud Softphone runs on Windows-based PC’s and laptops. The current version of the PureCloud Softphone is

Note: The PureCloud Softphone is different from the PureCloud WebRTC phone. For more information, see About PureCloud WebRTC phones.


  • See PureCloud Softphone prerequisites for operating system requirements.
  • For best results, the telephony administrator performs the PureCloud Softphone administration configuration for users before setting up the PureCloud Softphone on users’ computers. This preparation enables the PureCloud Softphone to provision automatically following the PureCloud Softphone installation.


Download PureCloud Softphone for Windows and run the install.

The install runs silently. If prompted, click Yes to restart.

A PureCloud Softphone icon appears on the Windows desktop.


And on the Windows task bar notification area.


Note: The PureCloud Softphone launches each time that you log in to PureCloud. At startup, the PureCloud Softphone automatically downloads its configuration and updates to the latest version.

For next steps, see the Suggested content.


If the telephony administrator has not yet performed the PureCloud Softphone administration configuration, the following message appears:


In addition, the PureCloud Softphone icon in the task bar notification area has a red X on top.


Contact the telephony administrator. You may need to run the PureCloud Provisioning Wizard to complete the installation.