The Genesys contact center solutions drive customer and business success. View the products that comprise the Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, and Business Optimization solutions for Genesys Cloud and corresponding Resource Center articles.

Customer engagement

The Genesys Customer Engagement solution represents the products that support a variety of communication channels used to provide excellent customer experience for incoming, outgoing, and self-service interactions.

Solution Product/Component Learn more
Digital Co-browse About co-browse
Work with co-browse sessions
Email About ACD email routing
Work with email interactions
Messaging About ACD messages (Third-party ACD messaging)
Response management About canned responses
Screen sharing About screen share
Work with screen share sessions
SMS About ACD messages
Virtual assistants Future release
Web chat About chat
Work with chat interactions
Inbound Polycom (IP Phones) Managed phones: models and features matrix
AudioCodes (IP Phones) Managed phones: models and features matrix
Callbacks About callbacks
SIP Configure advanced SIP phone trunk settings
Video, WebRTC Configure advanced WebRTC phone trunk settings
Outbound Outbound campaigns (Dialer) About outbound dialing
Self-Service IVR (voice attendant) About routing
Interactive speech recognition Genesys Cloud supported languages
Interactive text-to-speech Genesys Cloud supported languages

Employee engagement

The Genesys Employee Engagement solution represents all of the products and tools that equip contact center and business employees to efficiently and successfully serve customers.

Solution Product/Component Learn More
Collaboration Collaborate Administrators home
Communicate About Telephony
Directory About Directory administration
Omnichannel Desktop Agent Scripting About scripting
Use scripts
Unified desktop (browsers, mobile, installed client) About apps
Genesys Cloud WebRTC phone About Genesys Cloud WebRTC phones
Workforce Optimization Quality Management About quality management
Recording (voice, email, chat, screen recording)

Recording in Genesys Cloud overview
Create a policy
About screen recording

Workforce management About workforce management

Business optimization

The Genesys business optimization solution represents all tools and technologies that optimize the contact center workforce; configure monitor, and measure business results; and effectively integrate with other systems.

Solution Product/Component Learn More
Analytics Analytics platform and data About performance tools
External contacts analytics View interaction history for a contact
Genesys Cloud reporting About reports, views, and dashboards

3rd party integrations

About the AppFoundry
3rd party objects About Routing of Salesforce Emails in Genesys Cloud for Salesforce
API Developer tools overview
Client integrations (Chrome, Embedded Framework, Firefox, Salesforce, Zendesk)
About the Genesys Cloud embedded clients
Platform Administration Administrators home
Architect About Architect
Authentication About single sign-on (SSO)
Log in for the first time
Billing/Onboarding About Account Settings
Developer Center Developer Center
Edge About BYOC Premises
Genesys Cloud Voice About Genesys Cloud Voice
Security and compliance About security