There are certain activation requirements and service restrictions that apply to using Genesys Cloud Voice in the United Kingdom.

Activation requirements

  • Geographic numbers can be assigned only if the enterprise is physically located within the area associated with the number. These numbers are based on city area codes. For example, an enterprise located in London would have numbers with that city area code: (+44-207X-XXX-XXX). An enterprise located in Manchester would have numbers with that city area code: (+44-1616-XXX-XXX). Numbers are not available in all cities. Availability depends on our supplier inventory and current availability in the market. The Genesys Cloud Voice Number Management interface, which allows you to purchase DID and toll-free numbers, provides the most current information about the availability of numbers in any geographic area.
  • For geographic numbers, the customer must provide a corresponding United Kingdom address for number activation. 
  • Domestic toll-free numbers (0800, 0808 and 0500) are principally used to access private and public-sector voice services such as sales, enquiries, and help lines. A domestic toll-free number does not require an address for activation. These numbers can only be called within United Kingdom from landlines and mobile phones.

Service restrictions

  • Porting numbers in UK depends on specific carrier agreements and is not guaranteed. If you are not sure, you can submit the list of numbers to the appropriate porting team for verification prior to requesting a port. For more information, see Genesys Cloud Voice support.
  • Genesys Cloud Voice does not offer non-geographic numbers (NGN). However, we constantly evaluate customer requirements and may offer these numbers in the future.
Note: Allocated non-geographic numbers starting at 030 can only be assigned to subscribers that are public sector bodies or not-for-profit bodies.

For more information, see Genesys Cloud Voice global coverage requirements and restrictions.