Certain activation requirements and service restrictions apply to Genesys Cloud Voice use in Thailand.

Activation requirements

  • Any company located inside of Thailand can purchase Genesys Cloud Voice geographic numbers. Genesys Cloud Voice geographic numbers cannot be purchased by or assigned to companies registered outside of Thailand. The business address must be within the locality or region covered by the phone number’s prefix. Additional address and identity verification documents are required for purchase.
  • Geographic numbers are based on fixed and mobile codes. For example, a Thailand area number (+66-XX-XXXXXX) is a fixed number. Availability depends on our supplier inventory and current availability in the market. The Genesys Cloud Voice Number Management provides the most current information about the availability of numbers in any geographic area. For more information, see Purchase DID numbers.
  • Domestic toll-free numbers in Thailand begin with prefix (+661800). A domestic toll-free number requires an address and company registration details for activation and can be purchased by a company registered outside of Thailand. The quantity of numbers per order is limited and can take a few days to weeks to complete order processing and activation. For more information, see Purchase toll-free numbers.

Service restrictions

  • Outbound calling service is available for calls made from numbers obtained through Genesys; outbound calls originating from other numbers are not supported.
  • Outbound calling to Thailand free-phone, premium numbers and short codes is not supported.
  • Emergency Services and number porting is not supported on any number type.
  • Diversion headers are not supported on Inbound calls.

Genesys Cloud Voice does not offer non-geographic numbers (NGN) other than Toll-free. However, we constantly evaluate customer requirements and may offer these numbers in the future.

For more information, see Genesys Cloud Voice global coverage requirements and restrictions.