Filter and sort time off requests to display

You can filter time off requests by day, week, month, or agent. You can view all requests, or you can select to view only pending or only approved requests. Click Admin and under Workforce Management, click Time Off Requests. Time off requests for all agents appear in the list.

View from a different time zone

By default, this view uses the business unit’s time zone. Users with administrator permissions can change the displayed time zone by selecting from the list in the upper right corner of the view. This option is helpful for administrators who access the view from a different time zone.

  1. Click View by list and choose to view time off requests by:
    • Day
    • Week
    • Month
    • Agent
  2. Depending on your selection, the option that appears next to the View by list changes from date filter, agent filter, or no filter (for all pending requests). Use the calendar button or agent list to narrow your time-off request search by day, week, month, or agent.

Depending on the column heading, you can enter search terms or use the list to narrow the list of displayed time-off requests. 

  • To filter requests by type, status, or paid, click the list and select the type of request you want to view, then click Apply. The system returns matching results.
  • To filter requests by agent or hours per day, in the search box enter the first few letters of the agent’s first or last name, or enter the desired number of hours, and click Apply. The system returns matching results.

You can sort requests in ascending or descending order by agent, type, start or end date, status, hours per day, and whether the time off is paid. To sort time off requests in ascending or descending order, click the desired column heading.

At the top of the time-off requests page, the system displays totals for:

  • All requests
  • Pending requests
  • Approved requests
  • Denied requests
  • Canceled requests

Click a link to display only the selected type of requests.