FAQs: Communicate for iOS

What are the requirements for Communicate for iOS?

To use Communicate for iOS, you must have the following:

  • A WebRTC phone, assigned as your default phone

And the following permissions:

  • Conversation > Call > Add (to add a call)
  • Conversation > Call > Record (to record a call)
  • Conversation > Call Forwarding > Edit (to configure automatic call forwarding)
  • Conversation > Conference > Add (to create an ad-hoc conference)
  • Conversation > One Number Fax > Receive (to enable one number fax)
  • Pushnotification > Registration > All (to create, view, and delete a registration)
  • Voicemail > Voicemail > Receive (to receive voicemail)

What is the difference between Genesys Collaborate for iOS and Genesys Communicate for iOS?

Collaborate is a chat application that allows you to collaborate with your business colleagues, and Communicate is a telephone application that allows you to call your colleagues, partners, and customers from virtually anywhere.

Can I receive contact center interactions with Communicate for iOS?

No. Communicate for iOS is a mobile app for Genesys Cloud business users.

How can I check for available updates for Communicate for iOS?

To check your version of Communicate for iOS, tap your profile picture and then Settings.

Compare the version to the one available from the App Store. If an update is available, tap UPDATE.

What happens if I sign in to both Collaborate and Communicate and then sign out of one?

Collaborate and Communicate have independent logins. If you log out of one, the other is unaffected.

When I make an outbound call with Communicate for iOS, what number does the recipient see?

The recipient sees Genesys Cloud phone number instead of the mobile device number.

Can I silence the ringer for Communicate for iOS?

Yes. When you silence your iPhone, you also silence the Communicate for iOS ringer.

With Communicate for iOS, what do I receive notifications for and how?

Communicate for iOS notifies you of incoming calls.

How do I log out of Communicate for iOS?

To log out of Communicate for iOS, tap your profile picture. In Settings, tap Logout.

Can I set my Genesys Cloud presence with Communicate?

No. You cannot set your presence in Communicate; however, if you are not logged in with any other Genesys Cloud app, you appear as Available while Communicate is active. If you switch to another app or you lock your device, you appear to be logged off.

Can I search for and call Genesys Cloud External Contacts with Communicate for iOS?

Yes, you can use Communicate for iOS to search for and call your organization’s External Contacts.

Why do I only see five results when I search my contacts?

To avoid an overwhelming number of results, Communicate for iOS truncates search results to five. To see all matching results, tap See All.

What does it mean to place calls with another app? Should I enable that option in Phone Settings for the desktop or web app if I want to place calls with Communicate?

This option allows you to make calls with third party-applications. Communicate is not a third-party app. Do not enable this option for use with Communicate.

Why do I get a Session Expired message?

Sessions are not meant to be permanent, and they expire for security reasons. When you receive the message, log back in to the app.