FAQs: Collaborate for Android

Can I receive calls with the Collaborate mobile app?

No. Collaborate for iOS and Android is not a telephony endpoint, but you can use it to start calls and manage active Genesys Cloud calls. Your admin may be able to configure your mobile phone as a remote phone for calling with your mobile device; however, that is outside the Collaborate app.

How do calls work using Collaborate for Android?

When you start a call from Collaborate, you must select one of the following:

  • Directly through cell carrier: Conducts the call through your device’s native phone app using your minutes.
  • Through Genesys Cloud: Conducts the call through Genesys Cloud using a station and the Collaborate for Android controls.

If I use a remote phone, do I receive calls if Collaborate is backgrounded?

Genesys Cloud sends your incoming calls to voicemail if your status is anything other than Available.

If you use Collaborate for iOS or Android as your only Genesys Cloud client, and your status is not Available, your incoming calls go to voicemail.

Note: When Collaborate is backgrounded and you are not active on any other client, Genesys Cloud reads your status as offline.

For more information about presence and status, see the Genesys Cloud Resource Center.

How do I hang up a call from within Collaborate for Android?

Navigate back into Collaborate for Android, and tap the Hang Up button.

How do I make a conference call with Collaborate for Android?

To make a conference call with Collaborate for Android, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the menu and select Calls.
  2. On the Make Calls tab, tap Dialpad Action to call one person.
  3. While that call is in progress, select the call and tap the Add Participant icon.
  4. Repeat step 3 as needed.

How do I select a station with Collaborate for Android?

The station you select with any app synchronizes with all other apps.

To to select a station, use Collaborate for Android:

  1. Tap Menu  and tap Calls.
  2. Tap the Phone Details tab.
  3. Tap Selected Station.
  4. Tap Search  and type a search term for the station.
  5. Tap a station name from the search results.

    How can I add notes to a voicemail message in Collaborate for Android?

    To use Collaborate for Android to add a note, tap Add  in the Notes section. Then type your note. Tap Save.

    Tip: To insert multiple lines or to distinguish between multiple notes, tap return.

    To delete a note, tap at the end of the note and then use the backspace key to delete each character of the note.

    Note: If you add a note to a group voicemail message, then everyone in the group sees it. Likewise, if you delete a note from a group voicemail message, then no one in the group sees it.

    How can I check my voicemail messages with Collaborate for Android?

    To use Collaborate for Android to check voicemail messages, follow these steps:

    1. Tap Menu  and select Calls.
    2. Tap Voicemail.
    3. Tap the voicemail message that you want to hear.

    Note: The list of voicemail messages includes both your personal and group voicemail messages.

    Where can I download the desktop and mobile apps?

    You can download Collaborate for Android from the Google Play store. Search for Genesys Cloud Collaborate.

    For more information about the Genesys Cloud desktop app, see the Genesys Cloud Resource Center.

    How can I check for available updates for Collaborate for Android?

    To check the version of Collaborate for Android that you have, do the following:

    1. Tap Menu  and select Help.
      If an update is available, an upgrade link appears.
    2. To go the Google store and install the new version, tap the An upgrade is available! Download now.

    How does my current location sync between Collaborate for Android and the desktop or browser apps?

    If you log in on multiple clients, then Genesys Cloud reports your most recent location.

    Genesys Cloud reports the most recent location update from the last computer that you used in the following situations:

    • If you log out of Collaborate for Android
    • If the location times out after the one hour time period

    Collaborate on your Android device reports the location when the app is in the foreground and in the background. It also reports if you have closed the app.

    How do I change my location setting with Collaborate for Android?

    If you previously declined to allow Collaborate for Android access to your location information, you may want to add your location. Or you may want to check your location setting. To check or change your location setting, tap Settings > Location.

    How do I share my current location with Collaborate for Android?

    When you install Collaborate for Android, the installation process prompts you to allow the app to collect your location information. After you allow your device to share your location, your current location is available in Genesys Cloud.

    How does my current location sync between the browser or desktop apps and the mobile app?

    If you log in from multiple clients, then Genesys Cloud reports your mobile app’s most recent location. In other words, your mobile phone’s location is primary when you use multiple Collaborate clients:

    • If you are logged into multiple Collaborate clients, for example, the web browser app on your work computer, the desktop app on your home computer, and the mobile app on your mobile phone, the most recent location update from the mobile app is reported.
    • If you are not logged into the Collaborate for iOS or Android, or if the location on the mobile phone timed out after the one hour timeout period, Genesys Cloud reports the most recent location update from the last computer that you used.

    Note: Android phones report location when the app is foregrounded, backgrounded and terminated (swiped out);  iOs phones report location when the app is foregrounded, but not when backgrounded or terminated, due to battery drain.

    How do I select my region?

    When you log in to the browser app, desktop app, or mobile app, you are prompted to select the region where your organization was created, for example, Americas (US East), Americas (US West), Americas (Canada), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), EMEA (Dublin), EMEA (Frankfurt), or EMEA (London). If you are already logged in, log out and log back in with the region selected.

    Whether you are in the office, at home, or traveling, your access to Genesys Cloud routes to the URL corresponding to the location of the Amazon data center for your region. 

    If you are unsure of your region, contact your Genesys Cloud administrator. Alternatively, try these work-arounds.

    • First time log in: Access the Genesys Cloud log in URL for each region. Log in will be successful only with the URL corresponding to your organization’s region.
    • Currently logged in: (Web app only) The web app URL corresponds to your organization’s region.

    What happens if I log into both Collaborate and Communicate and I log out of one?

    When you log out of either Collaborate or Communicate for Android, Genesys Cloud logs you out of the other as well.

    If I log into Collaborate for Android, do I need to log in to Genesys Tempo™ for Android separately?

    No, when you log into Collaborate, you also log into Tempo.

    How do I log out of Collaborate for Android?

    To sign out of the Collaborate for Android, do the following:

    1. To the upper left, tap Menu .
    2. Tap Settings and then Log Out.

    Why are Collaborate for Android users missing expected functionality, such as the inbox or call controls?

    Missing permissions can cause this behavior with Collaborate for Android. Add the General > Unified Communications permission to a role of which the affected users belong.

    On Android devices, what do I receive notifications for and how?

    Collaborate for Android notifies you of one-to-one chat messages and of group chats where someone mentions you using the @ symbol.

    When you enable notifications in the mobile app settings, the mobile device delivers notifications based on the device settings. See Settings > Apps > Collaborate on your Android device. Notifications include badging with badge counts on the app icon.

    How does status sync between the mobile app and the desktop or browser apps?

    When you change your status in any app, Genesys Cloud synchronizes the change with your other apps.

    How do notifications sync between the mobile apps and the desktop or browser apps?

    When your desktop browser app presence is Online or Busy, you do not receive notifications on your mobile device unless the mobile app is open.

    When your desktop or browser app presence is Away or Offline, you receive notifications your mobile device, even if the mobile app is not open. To stop receiving notification on your mobile device, log out of the mobile app.