FAQs: Insights for iOS

What is Genesys Insights for iOS?

Genesys Insights for iOS is a mobile app that allows supervisors to do the following:

  • View queues and contact center health.
  • Monitor KPIs across the team and for specific agents.
  • Detect when things go wrong.
  • Quickly communicate with staff.
  • Create rules that allow you to receive and manage notifications.

Where can I download Insights for iOS?

You can download Insights for iOS from the App store. Search for Genesys Cloud Insights.

How can I check for available updates for Insights for iOS? 

To check the version of Insights that you have, do the following:

  1. Tap Menu . At the bottom of the screen, Insights displays its version.
  2. Compare the version to the one available from the App Store.

How do I log in to Insights for iOS?

When you start the app, enter your email address and password. Then tap Log In.

Alternatively, if your organization uses single sign-on (SSO), at the bottom of the screen tap More Login Options. When prompted, enter your organization name, and click Next. Enter your SSO credential and tap Log In.

What happens if I log in to both Insights and another Genesys mobile app and I log out of one?

Login and authentication for Insights does not affect the other Genesys mobile apps.

Why do I get a session expired message?

Sessions are not meant to be permanent, and they expire for security reasons. When you receive the message, log back in to the app.

The default session timeframe for an authenticated user on the mobile apps is eight days. You cannot customize this value. Orgs under HIPAA governance can enforce expirations at 15 minutes of inactivity, superseding the default timeout.

How do I configure an MDM (mobile device management) browser authentication?

Insights for iOS supports MDM with the following browsers. In your MDM, add a definedBrowserScheme key with a scheme value listed in the following table. 

Browser Scheme
Google Chrome googlechromes
Microsoft Edge microsoft-edge-https
WorkspaceOne awbfs

How do I disable MDM authentication?

To disable MDM authentication, go to your device Settings, tap Insights, and then disable External Browsers.

What are the prerequisites for Insights for iOS?

  • An iPhone or iPad with iOS 16.0 or later

The following permissions:

  • Alerting > Alert > View
  • Alerting > Rule > View
  • Analytics > ConversationAggregate > View
  • Analytics > FlowAggregate > View
  • Analytics > QueueObservation > View
  • Directory > User > View
  • Routing > Queue > View
  • Mobile > Supervisor > View

Does Insights for iOS support FedRAMP compliance?

The Genesys Cloud Insights of iOS app does not support FedRAMP compliance.

How do I add or remove queues in Insights?

To add a queue, follow these steps:

  1. At the bottom of the screen, tap Queues .
  2. At the top of the screen, tap Add .
  3. Select the queues that you want to add. Optionally, to filter queues, type in the Filter Queues field.
  4. Click Save.

How do I add or remove agents in Insights?

To add an agent, follow these steps:

  1. At the bottom of the screen, tap Agents .
  2. At the top of the screen, tap Add .
  3. Select the agents that you want to add. Optionally, to filter agents, type in the Filter Agents field.
  4. Click Save.

How do I enable notifications for Insights for iOS?

To enable notifications for Insights for iOS, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Menu .
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Enable Push Notifications, and then select the queues that you want notifications for. To receive notifications for all queues, tap Select all.

What do I receive notifications for and how?

Insights for iOS notifies you of issues based on the rules that you set.

When you enable notifications in the mobile app settings, the mobile device gives notifications based on the device settings.

See Settings > Notifications > Insights on your iOS device. The Genesys Cloud mobile app supports Show in Notification Center, Sounds, Show on Lock Screen, and badging, including badge count, on the app icon.