View an interaction’s quality summary


 The following permissions:

  • Analytics > Conversation Detail > View
  • Conversation > Communication > View
  • Quality > Evaluation > All

From an interaction’s detail page, click the Quality Summary tab to see existing evaluation and survey data for the interaction.


View the following evaluation information related to the interaction:

  • The evaluation form name used with the evaluation.
  • The date the evaluation was assigned to the evaluator.
  • The assigned evaluator for the evaluation.
  • The status of the evaluation, such as pending, in progress, or complete.
  • Whether the agent has reviewed the evaluation

Perform following actions related to evaluations:

  • To view evaluation details such as the questions and interaction score, click the Assigned Date for the evaluation.
  • To evaluate the interaction or assign an evaluation to a quality evaluator, click Add New Evaluation.
  • To remove an evaluation, select the evaluation and click Delete Selected Evaluations.
  • Deleted evaluations might still show up in search results and reports.
  • When an evaluation is rescored, only the new score is counted in the scoring results.
  • Deleted evaluations are not included in the scoring results.

Completed Surveys

View the following survey information about the surveys related to the interaction:

  • The survey form name
  • The survey’s status, which can include:
    • Pending: Genesys Cloud has prepared to send the survey invitation but has not sent it yet. 
    • Sent: Genesys Cloud sent the survey invitation to the customer and then received a successful delivery notification.
    • In Progress: Customer clicked the survey link.
    • Finished: Customer submitted the survey.
    • Error: An error occurred and Genesys Cloud could not send the survey. For example, the customer’s email address was invalid.
    • Opt Out: The customer requested not to receive surveys. For more information, see Note an External Contact’s survey opt-out preference
    • Expired: The survey link is older than 90 days.
  • The survey score
  • The Net Promoter Scoresm (NPS)
  • To view the survey questions and responses, click the survey score. 

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