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Use an FXS gateway to add an analog fax machine to your BYOC Premises organization’s telephony system in Genesys Cloud.

  • FXS gateways and analog fax machines are not supported in Genesys Cloud Voice or BYOC Cloud.
  • The port for the FXS gateway needs to match to port on the SIP phone trunk.
  • The connection to the Genesys Cloud Edge requires a SIP interface using a UDP or TCP protocol that support g.711 mu/a-law media. The Edge does not support SIP fax over T.38. 

  1. Set up your FXS gateway according to the manufacturer’s directions. 
  2. Create base settings for a standalone fax machine:
    1. Click Admin
    2. Under Telephony, click Phone Management.
    3. Click the Base Settings tab.
    4. Click Create New.
    5. In the Base Settings Name box, enter a name for the base settings.
      Tip: Enter a name that relates to fax.
    6. In the Phone Make and Model box, select Generic SIP
    7. Click Standalone Features to enable the standalone feature. 
    8. Click Save Base Settings.
  3. Create and configure a standalone phone in Genesys Cloud for each fax machine:
    1. Click  the Phones tab.
    2. Click Create New
    3. In the Phone Name box, enter a name for the fax machine.
    4. In the Base Settings box, select the base settings created for the standalone fax machine. 
    5. From the Site list, select a site for the fax machine.
    6. Select the Line Keys tab.
    7. In the Line Appearance Id box, enter the user ID on the FXS for the port the fax machine plugs in to. 
    8. In the DID box, enter a DID from your DID numbers.
  4. Configure your fax machine using the manufacturer’s directions.