Genesys Cloud Edge manufacturing and identification

Genesys manufactures Genesys Cloud Edge devices at a secure facility and does not use a third-party manufacturer.

During the manufacturing process, Genesys generates a 256-bit hardware ID based on a salted collection of unique physical hardware attributes. The manufacturing process then uses that unique hardware ID to create a unique pairing ID, which Genesys Cloud Edge uses during its first connection to Genesys Cloud. No two Genesys Cloud Edge devices have the same pairing ID.

The manufacturing process then generates and installs a 4096-bit RSA client certificate that is locked to the pairing ID, which is signed with an 8192-bit private manufacturing CA certificate. This method ensures that only Genesys can manufacture a Genesys Cloud Edge device. Genesys Cloud detects and reports attempts to spoof or modify the hardware.

Genesys ships all Genesys Cloud Edge devices in an unpaired state, meaning that it contains no customer information. Therefore, any misplacement, loss, or theft of Genesys Cloud Edge does not risk exposing any customer information. Genesys can add any Genesys Cloud Edge device that is reported missing, lost, or stolen to our blocklist. Genesys Cloud will then reject any attempts to connect a Genesys Cloud Edge device on the blocklist and generate a security alert so that further action can be taken.