Genesys predictive routing uses data from various internal sources to identify the agent best suited to handle interactions. If your organization has web survey enabled and you have enough survey data available for agents assigned to GPR-enabled queues, predictive routing uses the survey data for model training and routing prediction purposes. Some of the required data is available for Genesys predictive routing to readily consume. 

However, some data, even if available, is considered for the purpose of routing calculation only if the data volume meets a minimum requirement. If the volume of data does not meet the specified threshold value, the machine learning model does not use the available data. While not mandatory for Genesys predictive routing to operate, for better prediction results, Genesys recommends that you ensure the availability of sufficient volume of data against maximum number of fields.

Note: The threshold values are at organization level and are not editable. Genesys updates the values periodically, as required. 

The following section helps you understand the Agent profile data that you can populate:

Note: Before you save the information, ensure that the text is spelt correctly.

For the agent profile data to be considered for routing decisions, make sure you have the following information available for more than 50 percent of the agents who are working on queues that have Genesys predictive routing enabled.

  1. Go to Directory > My Organization.
  2. Enter the following data:
    • Agent hire date

    • Agent department

    • Agent certifications

    • Agent employee type

    • User skill

    • User language