Sources of data for predictive routing decisions

Genesys predictive routing uses data from various internal sources, which include both default sources of data and some optional sources of data, to perform agent scoring for an interaction. 


  • Genesys recommends at least 90 days of data and ideally 180 days of data. If you retain fewer days of data, you can still use and benefit from predictive routing. However, the quality and effectiveness of your AI models and predictions is likely to suffer and the resulting benefit will be reduced compared to standard routing. 
  • Data, even if available, is considered for the purpose of routing calculation only if the data volume meets a minimum requirement. If the volume of data does not meet the specified threshold value, the machine learning model does not use the available data. While not mandatory for Genesys predictive routing to operate, for better prediction results, Genesys recommends that you ensure the availability of sufficient volume of data against maximum number of fields.
Note: The threshold values are at organization level and are not editable. Genesys updates the values periodically, as required.