The following permissions:

  • Scripter > Script > All

You can save the design of an entire script as a template. Later, when you create a new script, you can base it on that template. The difference between a script template and a component template is that you can apply script templates only when you create a new script. You can apply component templates at any time to insert a set of components on the current page.

  1. Click Admin.

  2. Under Contact Center, click Scripts.

  3. To create the template form, click the name of the script.

  4. Click Script. Then click Create Template Script.

  5. Type a descriptive name in the Template Name box.

  6. Optionally enter a short description of the template in the Template Description box.

  7. Click Create Template. The new script template appears on your Templates page so that your new scripts can reuse the design.