Create a new internal DNC list

  • Outbound > Dnclist > Add, Delete, Edit, View permissions
  • A file of DNC records in .csv format.

Create an internal do-not-call (DNC) list by uploading a file of telephone numbers.

At minimum, the .csv file can contain a single column of telephone numbers. A DNC file can contain multiple phone number columns and redundant information, such as contact names. For example:

Last Name, First Name,DNC_Home,DNC_Cell,DNC_Work

As a best practice, put only phone number columns in your .csv file.

To create an internal DNC list:

  1. Click Admin.

  2. Under Outbound Dialing, click List Management.

  3. Click the Do Not Contact Lists tab.

  4. Click Create New.

  5. Type a unique name in the DNC List Name field. DNC list names can contain spaces, numbers, and special characters, but must be unique.

  6. Select a division from the Division box, or accept the default Home division. If the list is not assigned to a custom division, it belongs to the Home division by default. See About Access Control and Divisions overview.

  7. Choose Internal from the DNC List Type box.

  8. Click Browse. Select a .csv file. Then click Open. The screen displays the first few rows of data.

  9. From the DNC List Numbers box, select DNC phone number columns.

    Figure shows how to select phone number columns from a  list of columns in a csv file.

  10. Click Save.

    Figure shows completed DNC entry ready to save.

    The system adds the new entry. The example ignores Last Name and First Name columns since they are not phone number columns.

Note: At import time, the system automatically modifies telephone numbers to normalize dots and dashes. If a telephone number has “tel:” prepended, that prefix is removed to ensure that the number is in the correct format for a Do Not Contact list.

Note: An error message appears if the new DNC list exceeds the maximum limit count of 1,000 DNC lists. Delete old or obsolete DNC lists as needed and click Save again to complete the new DNC list configuration.