The following permissions are required for all dialing modes:

  • Outbound > Campaign > Add, Delete, Edit, Search
  • Routing > Queue > Search
  • Scripter > Publishedscripts > View
  • Outbound > Contactlist > Search

The following permissions are required for all dialing modes except Preview mode:

  • Outbound > Responseset > View
  • Telephony > Sites > View to configure a site
  • Telephony > Plugin > All to configure an Edge group

The following permissions are optional for all dialing modes:

  • Outbound > Dnclist > View
  • Outbound > Ruleset > View
  • Outbound > Callabletimeset > View
  • Outbound > Contactlistfilter > View

The Campaign Editor helps you configure outbound campaigns. The first step is to select a dialing mode. The default mode is Preview, but your new campaign can use a different mode. Decide which mode to use. For more information, see Dialing modes.

To configure a campaign for that dialing mode, follow these steps:

Agents can participate in multiple campaigns simultaneously. Admins can prioritize each campaign.

  • Agents can be active on more than one campaign
  • Multiple campaigns can run from the same ACD queue
  • Campaigns can be assigned a priority from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)

When configuring a campaign, administrators can select a queue assigned to another campaign. Dialing modes that support the Priority setting in Campaign Editor can rank the importance of a campaign relative to any others using the same queue.

The Priority setting helps outbound dialing determine how many calls to place for each campaign for each agent. Over time, more calls per agent are placed for higher priority campaigns, proportionally to each campaign’s priority number.

Agents participate automatically in multiple campaigns by way of the queues they are active in. The same queue can belong to multiple campaigns, or the agent can be a member of queues assigned to running campaigns. When an agent is active in multiple campaigns, each campaign generates interactions for that agent. Agent wrap-up time is associated with the campaign for the current call.

Note: When running multiple campaigns with a small pool of agents, there may be delays between calls.