The following permissions:

  • Outbound > Campaignsequence > Add
  • Outbound > Campaignsequence Delete
  • Outbound > Campaignsequence > Edit
  • Outbound > Campaignsequence > View
  • Outbound > Campaign >Search 

To create a campaign sequence for Voice campaigns, follow these steps:

  1. Click Admin.

  2. Under Outbound, click Campaign Management.

  3. Click the Sequences tab.

  4. Click Create New. The Create Sequence page appears.

  5. Type a descriptive name in the Sequence Name box.
  6. Under Campaign list, click the search box. Optionally filter the list of choices by typing all or part of a campaign name. Select a campaign.
    Note: If a campaign has enabled Always Running, do not add it to a campaign sequence.
  7. Since a sequence must contain two or more campaigns, another box appears so that you can add another campaign to this sequence. Repeat step 5 to select another campaign.

  8. (Optional) Add other campaigns to the sequence.
  9. (Optional) Rearrange campaigns by dragging and dropping the handle next to a campaign name.

    Figure shows handle used to rearrange campaign sequences.

  10. (Optional) Check Repeat sequence to repeat the sequence infinitely until an administrator manually stops it.
  11. Click Save to return to the Campaign Management page.
Note: An error message appears if the new campaign sequence exceeds the maximum limit count of 1000. Delete old or obsolete campaign sequences as needed and click Save again to complete the new campaign sequence configuration.