Recycle a campaign

Administrators can recycle a campaign. Recycle is the process of restarting the call selection process at the beginning of the contact list. Recycles happen automatically when a campaign completes after processing all records, or manually in response to a campaign recycle command.

To recycle a campaign, perform the following:

  1. Click Admin.

  2. Under Outbound, click Campaign Management.

  3. Click the Voice Campaigns or Digital Campaigns tab.

  4. Click the Recycle symbol for a campaign. Image shows icon users can click to recycle a campaign, causing it to start dialing from the first record

    The list recycles. Dialing starts over starting with the first contact.

    If you click Recycle for a campaign that is Off, the campaign starts at the first record when it is On. You do not have to recycle a completed campaign since it starts at the first contact anyway.

  • A campaign recycle can occur once every five seconds. The system returns an error for more frequent recycle attempts.
  • During a recycle, calls in progress or interactions that an agent is wrapping up jump to the top of the queue, bypassing the normal queue sorting.

  • If a campaign is recycled while it is off, all numbers for all contacts will be attempted again. If a campaign is recycled while it is stopping or on, any contacts that are in flight, that is, on their way to an agent or currently being handled by an agent, will only have their numbers attempted once.

  • If you don’t want the recycle campaign to redial those contacts that the previous campaign dialed successfully, either add a call rule that checks those contacts as Uncallable or create a wrap-up code to map to Contact Uncallable. In either case, the recycle campaign will not redial those contacts.

  • When a campaign is recycled, it does not automatically turn on and start dialing the contact list again. The campaign must be manually switched on, or a rule or sequence must be in place to start the campaign again.