Change Windows desktop app settings

Change notification, general (launch at startup, share location), chat, password, voicemail PIN, and language settings in the Windows desktop app in Preferences. See Download the desktop app to get the free application.

Note: Some Genesys Cloud users refer to the Windows desktop app as the Windows desktop client.

Some features are not available to or not compatible with customers who subscribe to Genesys Cloud workforce engagement from another Genesys platform. For more information, see Workforce Engagement for PureConnect and Genesys Engage users.

Best practice recommends that users from another platform do not change their presence.

The following features are not available to users from another platform:

  • Set your status
  • Select your phone
  • Forward your calls
  • On queue and off queue
  • Choose queues to work (agents)
  • Set out of office status
  • Password preferences

From the sidebar, click your profile picture to access user settings, then click Preferences.

You can also access Preferences from the desktop app menu in the menu bar. Click the Genesys Cloud icon, then click Preferences.Desktop app preferences

Change a setting in one of the Preference tabs. 

You can test and adjust sound levels for input and output devices. From Preferences, click Sound.

To adjust and test your Sound preferences, do the following:

  1. From the device list, select the device you want to adjust.
  2. Move the slider to adjust the volume levels for these settings:
    • Call Volume: The volume level for the incoming voice on a WebRTC call.
    • Phone Ringer Volume: The volume level for incoming phone call alerts.
    • Chat Notification Volume: The volume level for incoming chat alerts.
    • Interaction Notification Volume: The volume level for agents’ incoming interaction alerts.
  3. To test the volume levels for each setting, click .
    Note: You can also access your sound preferences in Device Volumes.

Genesys Cloud alerts you to events such as new direct and group chat messages and incoming calls. You can control these notifications. 

From Preferences, click Notifications. Change your settings to suit your needs.Windows Desktop App Preferences Notifications

Setting Description
Allow Pop-up Notifications

Choose whether you receive notifications on your desktop.

  • To receive all notifications, select the Allow Pop-up Notifications check box. 
  • To stop receiving Genesys Cloud notifications, clear the Allow Pop-up Notifications check box. 

To see how and where notifications appear, click Send test notification.

Show Pop-up Notifications for Group Chats.

Choose whether you receive notifications about new group chat messages. Direct messages and mentions in group chat rooms always create a notification, even if you hide all group chat notifications. 

  • To receive all notifications, select the Show Pop-up Notifications for Group Chats check box.
  • To hide all notifications except direct messages and mentions, clear the Show Pop-up Notifications for Group Chats check box.

Note: To see the Show Pop-up Notifications for Group Chats option, first select the Allow Pop-up Notifications check box. If you do not Allow Pop-up Notifications, then you do not receive group chat notifications. 

Play Sound Choose whether notifications produce a sound. If you do not have desktop notifications enabled, sounds do not play for message even if you select the Play Sounds check box. 
Sound to Play If you chose to play sounds for notifications, you can choose the sound you prefer to hear. 
Flash Task Bar Choose whether you want the Genesys Cloud app icon to flash in the taskbar when you receive a new message. If you enable this setting, it flashes even if you have not selected the Enable Desktop Notifications check box. 

Change the default settings for launch at startup and share your current location.

From Preferences, click General. Change the settings to suit your needs. 

Setting Description
Launch application on startup

Select to launch the Windows desktop app at startup.

Let Genesys Cloud determine your current location

Select to share your current location with other users.

Select a download location Click Change… to specify a location for saving downloads or keep the default location.

You can change how chats and the chat roster appear.

From Preferences, click Chat. You can also access chat preferences from the chat panelWindows-Desktop-App-Preferences-Chat

Category Settings
Sort Order

Choose how Genesys Cloud lists chat rooms in the chat roster.

  • Most Recent lists chats in each category from newest to oldest activity.
  • A to Z lists chats in each category in alphabetical order.

Choose how media, such as images, social media, and videos, appear in your chats. 

  • To show media open in chats, select Expanded by default.
  • To keep media hidden until you select them, select Collapsed by default

For more information about images and media in chats, see Send media and files in a chat

Display Density

Choose the amount of spacing between chat room names in the chat roster.

  • For the most spacing, select Comfortable.
  • For medium spacing, select Compact.
  • For the least spacing, select Minimal
GIPHY Keyboard

When using the /giphy chat command, choose how you want the gif selection to appear.

  • To display the first row of gifs to choose from, select Collapsed by default.
  • To display the first four rows of gifs to choose from, select Expanded by default.
  • To keep the display in the state last used, select Remember last state.

To change your password:

  1. From Preferences, click the Password tab.PasswordTabPreferences
  2. To reset your password, complete the three fields. As you type the new password, Genesys Cloud prompts you with suggested changes to meet the requirements. The default password requirements are as follows:
    • The minimum length is eight characters.
    • Passwords must contain at least one number, one special character, one uppercase letter, and one lowercase letter.
    • The maximum length for a password is 400 characters.
      Note: Your administrator may have established different minimum and maximum requirements for your organization.
  3.  When you have completed the fields, click Change Password.

    NoteIf your new password doesn’t fit your organization’s minimum and maximum requirements, you receive a message with suggested changes to meet the requirements.

  4. The next time you log in to Genesys Cloud, use your new password.

Use your voicemail PIN to access your voicemail from your phone when you are not logged on Genesys Cloud.

  1. From Preferences, click Voicemail PIN.
  2. Enter your new PIN in the fields.
  3. Click Change PIN.

Select your preferred language. Genesys Cloud updates with your language selection. 

  1. From Preferences, Language
  2. Click your preferred language.
  3. Click Apply and reload