Gather network logs with the desktop app

Genesys Cloud Customer Care uses console network logs, also called network logs, to troubleshoot and diagnose various problems. The network log helps diagnose WebRTC issues. In addition, it helps with call control issues.

Console and network logs provide visibility into the actions and events on an agent’s computer when problems occur. When combined with Cloud-side logging, console and network logs provide Customer Care with a full picture of an issue. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to troubleshoot issues with incomplete information.

To get a network log with the Genesys Cloud desktop app, start by configuring Genesys Cloud to show the console.

  1. To display the console, use advanced preferences.

    1. Simultaneously press the Option key and click Genesys Cloud > Advanced Preferences…
    2. Select the Enable Developer Tools check box.
    3. Click Genesys Cloud a second time and click Show Console.The console appears.

    1. Click Genesys Cloud Advanced Preferences, and select the Enable Developer Tools check box.
    2. Click Genesys Cloud a second time and click Show Console.The console appears.

  2. With the console open, click the Network tab.
  3. Select the Preserve Log check box.
  4. To the upper left of the console click .
  5. Leave the console open, and reproduce the issue.
  6. After you have reproduced the issue, right-click on any line and select Copy > Copy as HAR with content.
  7. Paste the content you copied into any text file, like Notepad or TextEdit.
  8. Upload this file to your support ticket along with any other requested info. Use My Support to open and manage your support cases.