Change an agent’s status


The following permissions:

  • Analytics Conversation Aggregate View
  • Analytics Conversation DetailView
  • Analytics Queue Observation View
  • Directory > User > View
  • Routing > Queue > View
  • UI > Supervisor Queue Details > View 
  • UI > Supervisor Status Control > View

Supervisors can change an agent’s status in the Queues Activity Detail view. A supervisor may need to change agents’ statuses if agents forget to go off queue or set their status correctly.

To change an agent's status, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to PerformanceQueues Activity
  2. Select a queue in which the agent is a member. 
  3. From the queue's activity detail view, hover over the presence dot beside an agent's name. Change agent status- hover over presence dot
  4. To set the agent's status to Off Queue or On Queue, select On Queue or Off Queue. If you change the status from On Queue to Off Queue, then the agent's status automatically also changes to Available. Change agent status- select On Queue
  5. To set the agent's user status, select a status from the status drop-down. If the agent's status is On Queue, selecting a user status also sets them to Off Queue. Change agent status- select user status 
    Note: You cannot select Out of Office as a status.
  6. If the status you select has secondary statuses, select a secondary status in the drop-down below the primary status.Change agent status- secondary status