Audio Connector pricing


  • Genesys Cloud CX 1, Genesys Cloud CX 2, or Genesys Cloud CX 3 license

Use Audio Connector to stream conversation audio to third-party services, process that audio for active voice biometrics, transcription, recording, or agent assist, and then stream the audio back to the Genesys Cloud platform.

  • Genesys charges for each active portion of the Audio Connector session. You can only stream to a maximum of two Audio Connector integrations per organization. For example, you might use an integration for voice biometrics, and another for bots. However, there is no limit to the number of streaming sessions.
  • Genesys charges for the Audio Connector session when streaming begins and stops charging when streaming ends.
  • Genesys charges conversations per each minute that Audio Connector runs.
  • Genesys tracks actual usage and then rounds it to the nearest minute at the month end.
  • Volume tiers are available. For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager or sales representative.

Audio Connector per minute pricing

Before you can obtain the Audio Connector premium application, you must contact Genesys Cloud Sales to add BYOT Rate E to your subscription. For more information about the per minute pricing of Audio Connector, see Bring your own technology services model (per turn/minute rates)

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