User skills overview

  • Routing > Skill > Assign permission (included in the Master Admin role)

When you add ACD or language skills to an agent, Genesys Cloud uses the assignments to match the most appropriate agent to an interaction. Along with the skill, skill ratings note the concept of proficiency, or the level of capability or knowledge with the skill. Assign languages and ACD skills on a per-user basis.

Languages are separate from ACD skills. For example, when an agent speaks the language requested by the customer, Genesys Cloud selects that agent, rather than an agent who is more skilled but cannot speak that language. However, an agent that cannot speak the language of the customer does not receive that call, regardless of ACD skill.

Note: When you add or remove a skill, Genesys Cloud automatically updates the agent profile and implements the change immediately, regardless of whether the agent is currently on-queue.