Assign evaluations per agents overview

Genesys Cloud allows you to create policies to assign evaluations to evaluators based on your selected matching criteria. In a policy, you can use the Assign Evaluations per Agents action to assign a specific number of evaluations for an agent during a selected time period, such as a week or month. You can also specify which evaluators you want to distribute the evaluations to. For more information about creating a policy with this action, see Create a policy.

Details about the Assign Evaluations per Agents action

  • Genesys Cloud assigns evaluations evenly among the selected evaluators. If the number of evaluations does not divide evenly among the evaluators, then Genesys Cloud randomly assigns any remainder evaluation to the evaluators.
  • Genesys Cloud does not assign evaluations to evaluators who have reached the 50 assigned evaluations per day system limit. Instead, it assigns those evaluations to the next available evaluator.
  • Genesys Cloud tries to create evaluations evenly throughout the time period. If there are too few evaluations at internal checkpoints during the time period, Genesys Cloud creates evaluations for older interactions at that checkpoint instead of creating more evaluations at the end of the time period to meet the specified number of interactions. 
  • Genesys Cloud uses time zones to determine when to create evaluations. It usually creates evaluations at the start of the next day.
  • Genesys Cloud does not create evaluations for email and messaging interactions if the customer was the last participant on the interaction.
  • The message threading timeline determines how long message conversations remain open.
  • The time period length refers to a calendar unit, such as Sunday through Saturday for a week or all of January for a month. It does not refer to a number of days, such as seven days for a week or 30 days for a month, from the time of policy creation. 
  • When you create a policy with this action, for the first time period, Genesys Cloud bases the number of evaluations it creates on the amount of time remaining in the time period. For example, if I create a policy on Wednesday at 8:00 AM that specifies 10 evaluations per agent per week, then the first time period, a week, is almost half way complete. For that first week, Genesys Cloud then assigns only half the number of evaluations specified, five evaluations per agent. Every week after that is a full week, so Genesys Cloud assigns 10 evaluations per week per agent for each following week.
  • Changing a policy’s parameters can have an impact on ongoing actions, based on what you change:
    •  Adding and removing agents does not affect the entire policy. Genesys Cloud creates evaluations for new agents based on the amount of time remaining in the time period.
    • Changing other parameters is similar to turning the policy off and on. Genesys Cloud does not include any previously created evaluations in the total count and instead bases the number of evaluations on the amount of time remaining in the time period.