To make an ACD conference call, you can add participants to an existing ACD call.

  • Your conference can have up to 20 participants.
  • When you start a conference, the call remains a conference until all parties leave. It remains a conference, even if only two parties remain.
  • When you are in a conference, you cannot perform a consult transfer.
  • If you click End Call, the other participants continue without you. You cannot end the call for all participants.

To add participants, follow these steps:

  1. From the current ACD call, above the Interaction Details, click Conference .
  2. In the Conference window, begin to type a name. Genesys Cloud dynamically displays users, queues, and external contacts that match the input.
    • To see all results, click All .
    • To filter by Genesys Cloud users, click Users .
    • To filter by queues, click Queues .
    • To filter by External Contacts, click External Contact .
      The ACD Conference panel with an example of results
      • The All tab shows the sum of the initial results for the Users, Queues, and External Contacts tabs.
      • If the person you want to add to a conference has more than one phone number, then to select the number that you want, click More .
      • To call an external party who is not an External Contact, type their telephone number and click Conference .
  3. From the results list, click the name of the person or queue to which you want to add to your existing call.
    Genesys Cloud connects you and the original participant to the intended recipient.
  4. To add more participants, click Conference , then click Invite Participant, and repeat steps 2 and 3.The Conference panel with the + Invite Participant button
    Note: When a participant accepts a conference invitation, they immediately join the conference and are able to hear and talk to other participants in the conference.
  5. To mute or drop a participant, click Conference , and then click one of the following:
    • To mute a participant, beside their name, click Mute .
      Note: You can only mute other Genesys Cloud users. You cannot mute participants outside your organization.
    • To drop a participant, beside their name, click End Call .
  6. To leave the conference, click End Call .
  7.  The conference continues until there is only one remaining participant.