Transfer a call without speaking to the intended recipient

A blind transfer allows you to transfer a call directly to another user, number, external contact, or queue without talking to the intended recipient: 

  1. From the current call, click Blind Transfer
  2. Type the number that you want to transfer the call to and press Enter. Alternatively, start to type the name of the user, external contact, or queue that you want to transfer the call to and select the person or queue from the list of suggestions. 
  3. If you are transferring the call to a user, external contact, or queue, select the user or queue from the suggestions displayed. 
  4. Click Transfer
    Genesys Cloud transfers the call to the number, person, or queue and sends you into after contact work.
Note: If you perform a blind transfer to a queue, Genesys Cloud remembers the skills-based information applied to the original call