Feature coming soon : New UI for transfer, consultation, and conference target selection. For more information, see the Genesys Community.

Use a consult transfer to talk with the intended recipient before you transfer a call.

  1. From the current call, above the Interaction Details, click Consult .
  2. In the Consult window, begin to type a name, and Genesys Cloud dynamically displays users, queues, and external contacts that match the input.
    • To see all results, click All .
    • To filter by Genesys Cloud users, click Users .
    • To filter by queues, click Queues .
    • To filter by External Contacts, click External Contact .
      The Genesys Cloud consult window that shows icons for Genesys Cloud users, queues, and External Contacts
      • The All tab shows the sum of the initial results for the Users, Queues, and External Contacts tabs.
      • If he person you want to consult with has more than one phone number, then to select the number that you want, click More .
  3. From the results list, click the name of the person or queue to which you want to transfer the interaction. Genesys Cloud places the caller on hold and connects you to the person or queue that you want to consult with. Call controls appear. The Genesys Cloud consult call controls window
  4. To control the original call, use the top controls. To control the consultation, use the bottom controls.
    Note:  Available controls vary based on your organization's settings.
      • To use the numeric keypad to enter numbers, click Dialpad
      • To unhold the caller or to put a party on hold, click Hold .
      • To end either conversation, click End Call. The end call icon
      • To connect the original caller to the consulted party and leave the conversation, click Transfer .
      • To mute your microphone, click Mute .
      • To start or end a secure pause session, click Start/End Secure Pause .
      • To connect the original caller to the consulted party, leave the conversation, and request after call work, click Request After Call Work .

    Note: If you transfer an ACD call to a queue, Genesys Cloud remembers both the priority and the skills-based information applied to the original call. You can change that behavior in organization settings. For more information, see Strip skills from voice interactions on blind transfers by agents.