Consult with the intended recipient before transferring a call

Use consult transfer to talk with the intended recipient before transferring a call.

  1. From the current call, click Consult Transfer
  2. Type the number that you want to transfer the call to and press Enter. Alternatively, start to type the name of the user, external contact, or queue that you want to transfer the call to and select the name when it appears.
  3. Click Consult.
    • Genesys Cloud places the original caller on hold and connects you to the selected recipient. To indicate which call is on hold, the Hold turns red.
    • The interaction card displays the Consult icon to indicate that you are consulting another party. To see the name of the consulted party, hover over the icon.
    • While the original call is on hold, to the lower right of the interaction card, Genesys Cloud displays a timer. This timer lets you know how long the original call has been on hold.
  4. To complete the call, use the consult transfer controls: 
    Icon Action


    Place a participant on hold or remove a participant from on hold.

    • To place one of the participants on hold, select the Hold icon beside that participant. While on hold, you and the other participant cannot hear the held participant. The held participant cannot hear you or the other participant and instead hears on hold music. 
    • To connect all three participants in a conference call before transferring, clear all Hold icons. 

    Note: You cannot hold both participants at the same time.

    End Call The end call icon

    Stop a transfer or end a call.

    • To stop the transfer and disconnect the intended transfer recipient, select the End Call icon beside the intended recipient.
    •  To disconnect the original call, select the End Call icon beside the original call.



    Transfer the call to the intended recipient. After the call transfers to the person or queue, Genesys Cloud sends you into after call work


    Mute yourself so the other participants cannot hear what you are saying. You can hear the other participants.
    Note: Genesys Cloud does not retain routing data for consult transfers.