• Architect > Flow Milestone > Add, Edit, Search, View permissions

Use the Add Flow Milestone action in Architect flows to generate more granular reporting for flow outcomes. Access to flow milestones helps build reporting around the customer journey.

Flow outcome and flow milestone limits

An organization can include up to 1,000 flow milestones. You can edit the name and description, and you can delete a flow milestone. An organization can include up to 100 flow outcomes. You can edit the name and description of a flow outcome, but you cannot delete it. Because of these limitations, best practice recommends that you carefully consider flow outcome use before you create them.

In Architect flows, only the last 20 milestones per outcome and the last 100 milestones per flow is reported in analytics.

Name Description
Name field Type a distinctive name for the action, or leave the default text: Add Flow Milestone. The label you enter here becomes the action’s name displayed in the call, chat, email, and messaging flow structure.
Flow Outcome

Click the list and choose the flow outcome for this task action. 

Note: If you have not executed an Initialize Flow Outcome for this outcome, the outcome is initialized at this point.

Flow Milestone

Click the list and select the flow milestone for this task action.