Initialize Flow Outcome action

Use this action to select a flow outcome that Architect begins to track in the flow. This action is available in the Flow category of the task editor’s Toolbox for all call flows, excluding in-queue call flows. When an interaction encounters this action, Architect creates a date and time starting point for the outcome. 

Important: Before you use this action, make sure to create flow outcomes in the PureCloud Admin menu. For more information, see Add a flow outcome.

Administrators and contact center managers use flow outcomes to gather data about self-service success. This information helps determine how well Architect flows service the customer interaction and includes:

  • The total number of interactions that start a self-service operation.
  • The number and percentage of interactions that fail the self-service operation.
  • The number and percentage of interactions that successfully complete the self-service operation.
  • The length of time successful interactions spend in the self-service operation.

You can create multiple instances of this action in a flow. For example, a user can navigate through the flow to check the status of an outstanding bill and encounter a Check Balance outcome. Then, the user can then navigate through the flow to make a payment and encounter a Pay Bill outcome. Therefore, the total number of outcomes can exceed the number of conversations handled in one interaction.

The result of an outcome resets anytime an interaction encounters the same outcome again, even if the outcome was originally successful. The system only tracks and displays the last result of an outcome.

If the interaction ends without encountering a successful result, then the system considers the outcome started but incomplete. Outcomes that are incomplete automatically have a failure result.

Name Description
Name field Type a distinctive name for the action, or leave the default text: Initialize Flow Outcome. The label you enter here becomes the action’s name displayed in the call flow structure.
Flow Outcome

Click the list and select the outcome. Architect begins to track in the flow.