Add a business unit

  • Workforce Management > Business Unit > Add permission

Use business units to organize agents and leverage permissions to meet business needs. Business units allow customers to configure agents who share queues into one or more management units.

Note: After you create the business unit, you cannot change the start day of the week or the time zone. If you need to modify a business unit for these parameters, create a new business unit and configure it to match the previous one.

To add and configure a business unit, perform these steps:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Workforce Management, click Business Units.
  3. Click Add . The Business Units page opens to the General tab.
  4. In the Business Unit Name text box, type a name for the business unit.
  5. From the Start Day of Week list, select the business unit’s starting day.
  6. To change the forecasting time to a time zone other than local time, under Time Zone select the appropriate time zone. 
    Note: The default time zone is the current location’s time zone. 
  7. To change the division associated with this business unit, click the Division list make the appropriate selection. 
    Note: The default division is Home.
  8. Set up forecasting:
    1. Click the Forecasting tab.
    2. Under Historical Weeks, use the arrows to select, in forecasting, the number of weeks before the forecasted week to determine the specified week’s data.
      Note: If the forecast is in the future, the number of weeks that the system uses for source data is the number of historical weeks up to the current day. For example, if today’s date is March 1 and you select to forecast for the week of March 30, the system uses six weeks before March 1. If you select to forecast for the week of January 1, the system uses the six weeks before January 1.
  9. Click Save.