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      This article describes the areas of the service goal template page and how to customize the view.

      Customize the view

      To customize this view, follow these steps:

      1. Click More
      2. From the menu that appears, click Show/Hide Columns.
      3. To add all available columns, click Add All.
      4. To remove all columns, click Remove All.
      5. To add individual columns, click the Add next to the column that you want to display.
      6. To arrange the columns, in the Visible Columns list, click and drag the column title to the preferred location.
      7. Click OK.

       Area definitions

      The following table describes the elements of the service goal template page. 

      Area Definition
      Add Click Add button to view the create the Service Goal Template view. 
      Refresh Click Refresh view to refresh the Service Goal Templates view.
      Service Goal Template Name Indicates the name of the service goal template.
      Service Level Indicates the service level details assigned to a service goal template.
      Avg Speed of Answer Indicates the average speed of answer set to a service goal template.
      Abandonment Rate Indicates the abandonment rate percentage set in the service goal template.
      Impact Overrides Enabled Indicates if the service goal template has the service goal impact overrides feature enabled. 

      For more information about how to create a service goal template, see Add a service goal template.