Genesys Cloud CX accelerators are sample configurations that you can directly deploy into your Genesys Cloud organization. Accelerators range from turnkey solutions to reference architectures that you can leverage to create custom solutions.

CX as Code is a tool to manage Genesys Cloud resources and configuration declaratively across single or multiple Genesys Cloud organizations using Terraform by HashiCorp. While CX as Code is used for configuration of objects, accelerators are predefined CX as Code use cases that deploy new configuration. CX as Code provides the low-level primitives to carry out this execution. Some examples of the accelerators include:

  • Data actions
  • Bot flows
  • Architect flows
  • Attribute-based security fragments
  • Knowledge workbench

You can install various Genesys Cloud development artifacts directly into your organization via Genesys AppFoundry. Accelerators do not require a user to know how to configure a bot, design a call flow, or configure a data action. Instead, installing the appropriate accelerator deploys the required configuration.

Significance of accelerators

  • Delivery velocity – The installable, community-based assets allow you to set up solutions quickly. The installable components in the accelerators range from simple data actions that call the Genesys Cloud public API to a complete contact center that includes voice and digital channels.
  • Consistency in setup and configuration – The solutions reflect Genesys Cloud use of best practices for technologies and lessen the risk of setting up problematic solutions.

How to access and use accelerators?

Accelerators are available from Genesys AppFoundry. You can browse through the catalog for the required configuration and select for easy deployment of the configuration. 

  1. Log in to Genesys AppFoundry.
  2. Click Accelerator.
  3. Select an accelerator from the catalog.
  4. Click Get It Now.
  5. Depending on the type of accelerator selected, the configuration collects information to set up the deployment. Provide the information and click Review.
  6. Click Submit.

For more information, see CX as Code in Genesys Cloud Developer Center.